Sep 19, 2018
Could you ever imagine the virtual world of digital currencies joining the real world and changing your everyday life? Accessing a wide range of new decentralized services and solutions for your daily spendings. It looks like this vision of our lives is not too far away.

We know that the current cryptocurrency market is worth a little over $200 billion (USD) which is more than 10 times its value just 2 years ago in September 2016. It also achieved an all-time high of surpassing the $800 billion mark in January 2018 demonstrating the high potential of digital currencies.


What is the most common use for cryptocurrencies now?

The answer to this question gives us a hint of what is needed to drive cryptocurrency mass adoption and to achieve the right combination of both the virtual and real worlds. As evidenced by looking at reported data from crypto exchanges, a very large portion of the total market cap goes through them. Arguably, the most popular and biggest exchange is Binance.  According to its founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, it has over 10 million users trading digital currencies to the amount of $800 million worth of transactions to-date.

Adding to this we also have Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs which have captured over $20 billion as of July 2018 in all-time cumulative funding from institutional and individual players that back their preferred projects.

What is happening with crypto in real life? The answer to this question is clear. Most digital currencies are being used for trading, capital growth, and for speculative purposes. The cryptocurrency movement definitely deserves much more. We should not have to be a day trader to become part of the cryptocurrency community anymore.


Promises of cryptocurrency

Anyone can now unlock access to a whole new economy. One that allows us not only to acquire but also spend cryptocurrencies. As more and more interesting and breakthrough projects emerge, any of us can become a part of the big companies of the future by purchasing their cryptocurrencies.

More importantly, we can start to enjoy new services offered by decentralized applications where we can top-up our phones, pay bills, go shopping and spend our cryptocurrencies saving tons of money in intermediary fees and effectively cutting out unnecessary middlemen in our everyday transactions. The control and freedom to conduct online, inexpensive financial transactions represents endless possibilities for all crypto adopters.

Businesses, on the other hand, can also reap in many of the benefits of cryptocurrency mass adoption. They can make their services reach even more people by accepting crypto as a form of payment and can decide the type of currencies they are willing to accept. Also, merchants can save costs on intermediaries and can even think about launching their own cryptocurrency that complements their business model and offers a way to create loyalty with their customers.


Bridging the gap with World Credit Diamond Coin

It seems that a worthy solution is being developed right now. One that finally connects the real world where we live in, spend, and make payments with the world of crypto. World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC) offers the most complete list of services that can make this happen.

Want to use crypto as a payment? WCDC connects fiat money with cryptocurrency and allows transactions in it using a physical card very much like traditional bank cards. Moreover, it offers the chance to accumulate points for using the card services. WCDC applies e-wallet technology so that any user can easily manage and view his or her digital assets in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Financial activities can be conducted both online and offline thanks to the fact that the payment system will allow connection to a financial institution network. These are the functions and services that plan to bring in e-commerce and a marketplace worth billions.

By offering a card that bridges crypto and fiat together, WCDC plans to allow every person to spend their funds as they want, enjoy new opportunities cryptocurrency provides and be at the forefront of making seamless spending of digital assets in daily lives.


About the project:

World Credit Diamond Coin or WCDC develops a project aimed to bring a real-life solution for crypto spending. It enables next generation e-payments using fiat and crypto, a service to manage electronic accounts much like online banking allows it, a customer loyalty and rewards program that lets users accumulate points for using services and a tool to enable merchants to adopt crypto payments. With all these features WCDC creates one of the most complete visions of what the cryptocurrency ecosystem could look like when it finally reaches mass adoption.

The company is actively developing and reaching new milestones on its roadmap. Recently, WCDC has announced the listing on CoinSuper – one of the largest exchanges in the whole world, which is included in the TOP-10.

Moreover, now the project conducts a massive Airdrop, where the first 20,000 lucky participants will get free 40 WCDC tokens. You can find out more about the Airdrop campaign and how to join it in the official Telegram chat.

You’re welcome to get aboard of WCDC and enjoy a brand new experience of making crypto payments. To learn more about the company’s innovative solutions, visit its website and keep up with the hot news and updates on Facebook and Twitter.