World Credit Diamond Coin

WCDC is a cryptocurrency with the concept of "reliability" and "compatibility".


We will introduce the compatibility technology to the system financial service to solve the compatibility problem of WCDC and BR-Card so that the cryptocurrency and the real financial card, BR-Card, can be widely used.


It refers to a coin that can be used as a financial integrated payment method by converting the coded currency into digital currency, which is applied to the distribution in a stable manner.


The WCDC is an innovative financial system to overcome physical, time constraints and unnecessary fee systems in cross-country, inter-company, and individual transactions, evolving from a point of concept to a more intuitive and into a user-centric global cryptocurrency.


WCDC is an integrated platform that provides convenience of foreign exchange transactions between countries, provides payment systems for operators, and provides efficient financial services among individuals and unlike conventional cryptocurrency, it is converged and compatible with real government and financial institutions, and aims to be a cryptocurrency and real digital currency as a means of truly integrated payment on / off line.


By absorbing the advantages of cryptocurrency and overcoming the disadvantages of payment methods, WCDCeP (WCDC e-Platform) enables a variety of services and products to utilize electronic money through dedicated compatible cards, smart phones, PCs and more.


There is no limit to the number of industries that can benefit from using WCDC, and WCDCE (WCDC Ecosystem) will be an innovative, "everyday" project that can capture a variety of technical and social changes.


WCDC can also use the most technologically advanced payment services available to non-banking individuals, including sellers, manufacturers, businesses and charities worldwide and It will be an innovative means of effectively connecting ON-OFF lines and cryptocurrency.