World Credit Diamond Coin

Electronic payment



  • Paying via E-Money on mobile and on the web using a cryptocurrency cash point.
  • There is no time and space limitation, and global service is possible in the future.
  • Provide convinient payment service.
  • All ON / OFF Line payment service is possible with one card.

Electronic bankbook financial services



  • Provide financial services of existing banks such as real-time transfer, deposit,
  • transaction history inquiry on application and web.
  • Provide convenience for users by direct use without having to go through ISP
  • and authorized certificate.
  • Deposit / withdrawal real time text service.
  • Just like points earning, use it like a cash in real time.

Point payment & earning



  • Point integrated management service of customer by link service with point company.
  • Able to save transferable, withdrawable cash.
  • Cash can be accumulated at the same time as real-time settlement after payment.
  • Check real-time usage and accumulation.
  • Provide service for earning points and use cash in real time.

Coin business expansion



  • Replace point business with coin business.
  • Secure existing systems and modifying programs by block-chaining algorithm.
  • Program change in the form of an electronic wallet instead of a virtual account.
  • Established a partnership with coin listed companies in Singapore.
  • COIN Marketing for Promotion and Commercialization.