World Credit Diamond Coin

WCDC e-Platform (WCDC_eP)

The WCDC e-Platform (WCDC_eP) is used in production, trade,
distribution to provide various services for efficient financial
transactions and by using a proprietary compatible card, you can
make a payment with cryptocurrency via APP(QR code, Barcode, etc), PC.

Incentive plan system

Transparent and convenient IPS (incentive planning system), market
trading protocols and mutual practices can not only maintain
the value of cryptography, but also use the incentive itself as a
marketing factor and asset trading are possible through listing programs.

BR Card

BR-Card is a technology that transfers COS (Card OS) of the physical card and
several qualifications into one card, which is used as a compatible payment
system (WCDC_eP) by connecting real money and cryptocurrency and in cooperation
with the network of financial institutions, financial settlement will be
possible through both online and offline.

Electronic money on mobile

The mobile type prepaid electronic money is used after the service user
converts the actual value of the predetermined amount into
the electronic value of the service provider in advance and it will be
stored in the service provider's server, and the user can access his or
her account through the mobile phone (QR_Code).

Marketing and partner program

WCDC users can share WCDC with each other by sharing the link with
new users and inviting them to the platform or reduce the contracted
commission fee and you can receive a transaction fee derived from
the WCDC payment gateway / POS system.
When a user's transaction fee reaches a specified amount, all users
who contact the WCDC through that user receives a reward equivalent to
10% of the amount.


Electronic payment

Electronic bankbook Financial services

Point payment * earning

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