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[NEWS-SENTV] Braincore's e_Platform has been presented at GFIS - WCDC

[NEWS-SENTV] Braincore’s e_Platform has been presented at GFIS

  • January 10, 2019
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[NEWS-SENTV] Braincore's e_Platform has been presented at GFIS

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Braincore's e_Platform has been presented at GFIS


January 10th, 2019

▲ CEO of Braincore Mr. Kwak Chang-Keun is being introduced by BLUCON CEO Sabrina Kim.

Braincore's e_Platform, which has been going on for many years, showed its status at the Global Fintech Innovation Summit (GFIS) which was held in Hainan, China.

The scale of this summit is immense with many companies and VC participating. Especially, Hubery Yuan, a Chinese representative of Huobi, and Jim Rogers who is a global investor graced this summit with their presence.

▲ BLUCON CEO Sabrina Kim is explaining about Braincore's e_Platform at GFIS .


In this event, CEO of Braincore, Mr. Kwak Chang-Keun attended as a CTO of BLUCON, and introduced about e_Platform, which he was longing for, as his first gift for the New Year. Braincore and BLUCON have officially announced that a strategic business agreement has been launched with this event. One big project has been completed with the blending of BLUCON, which has an excellent marketing strategy, and e_Platform technology, which combines cards owned by Braincore.

Many VC who attended on this day were absolutely favorable to the project, and a substantial part of the investment is expected to be made, said Braincore officials.

▲ From the left, Braincore Chairman Gang Mun-Gu Chairman, BLUCON Chairman Kwon Jae-Lee, Braincore CEO Kwak Chang-Keun

The project, which was part of Braincore's block chain technology and real life financial services, will gradually be serviced in April 2019. The service will reveal to the world the practical aspects of the real life applications of cryptography, which has been discussed lately.

Braincore officials said, "For years, Braincore has become a first-rate golden pig in 2019 by partnering with a new partner, BLUCON, which has been quietly embracing transportation card compatibility and encryption and financial platforms."

Also, they said "BLUCON and Braincore will build a joint venture with the strengths of both companies, and will provide such services starting in Korea, China and Japan in 2019. Now Korea will be the first country to provide the first service to a new financial market."