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WCDC will be Listed on Coinsuper - WCDC

WCDC will be Listed on Coinsuper

  • September 10, 2018
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WCDC will be Listed on Coinsuper

We are pleased to announce good news for the confirmation of the first listing of WCDC.

The WCDC will be listed on the Coinsuper Exchange by the end of this month.

Coinsuper is a large exchange in Hong Kong targeting the global exchange and from the beginning of February 2018, it is one of the largest exchanges in the world that has seen remarkable growth to date.

This listing is the first step of the WCDC so please keep an eye on future steps such as listing, marketing, and launching services.

Thank you.


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WCDC has confirmed to be listed on Coinsuper


WCDC PTE. LTD. has been listed on Coinsuper, which is a large exchange in Hong Kong, Singapore.  The listing date is September 25th.

A well-known Russian company by the name of Platinum Company LTD is supporting the listing process.  Platinum Company LTD decided to start listing the WCDC (World Credit Diamond Coin) with excellent technology and the WCDC that Air Drops the existing CDC (Crescent Donation Coin) in Hong Kong market.

Currently, the WCDC has received Legal Opinion through Leverton Consulting LP (Ireland) for legal opinions. They have reviewed the user protection and all other legal matters and have been officially notified that there are no problems.

In addition, Safe Math was tested through John Wick Sec (China) in order to evaluate the technical stability of WCDC for listing, and its final stability was recognized. All of these results have already been submitted to Coinsuper.

The WCDC is expected to be listed on the major exchanges starting with Coinsuper listing with the cooperation of multinational partners.

Also, in order to apply WCDC_eP (e_Platform) and WCDC_Card (Br_Card) held by WCDC to the market, they are promoting alliance with investment bank of Cambodia and after the listing, strategic cooperation will be held in Cambodia.

The WCDC is in the process of preparing a separate self-exchange for smooth transaction and based on the exchange, the actual user can use WCDC_Card linked with WCDC_eP to make payment using their virtual currency without exchange procedure.

WCDC is preparing to provide mobile type (QR_Code) and real card (Financial Card) at the same time to users and it is expected to be released soon.

It is expected that the time of WCDC’s cryptocurrency which can be apply to daily life will come soon.  Despite of the fact that many virtual currencies have been stranded in pursuit of real life card platform, the main reason for constantly trying is to use virtual currency for real life application rather than operating virtual currency for investment purposes.